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----About the LPS------

- Uniting over 4 generations of London's promoters for the greater good of our community.

Including legendary pioneers & newcomers from a diverse range of demographics, races, creeds, scenes and sounds.

- Providing services, access to venues, policies, toolkits, best practice, wellbeing and opportunity.

- Building bridges between venues and promoters.

- Fortnightly newsletters to over 800 promot

- Researching new technology, platforms and policies.

- Curating industry panels, presentations, speakers and music for the NTIA,

London Music Conference & more.

- Monthly meet-ups at venues across London.

- Advice for venues that require assistance with sound management, licensing

and council communications.

- Harnessing our collective people power for positive change

Email info@londonpromotersociety.org for more info

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We collaborate
We innovate
We create!